Product and Services Disclosure Statement

Product and Services Disclosure Statement by Claireheath Pty Ltd (hereafter “Claireheath”)

1. All software and hardware supplied is subject to the Liability Limitations of the manufacturer's licence agreements and warranties. These usually limit the liability to the replacement or refunding of the purchase price of the software or hardware and Claireheath represents that that is all the recipient can rely upon as Claireheath does not warrant, guarantee or support any software or hardware supplied by Claireheath but not manufactured by Claireheath and makes no representation, guarantee or warranty that any software or hardware is suitable or fit for purpose for the recipient.

2. Where Claireheath has developed software integrating different vendor offerings, we have done this on the basis that you must conduct your own independent tests to satisfy yourself that the provided software is suitable and also fit for your purposes and that the functionality you require is satisfied and the developed software performs to your requirements.  You must not and may not rely upon any representations to the contrary made or assumed to be made by Claireheath.  Claireheath also cannot and does not provide any warranty that our software will continue to operate as intended when you upgrade to different versions of the integrated software offerings.

3. If appropriate and whenever possible, Claireheath  can assist, if requested, in creating an environment to conduct these independent tests on either:-
         a. Your existing hardware and software
         b. Loan equipment and evaluation software
         c. Claireheath hardware and software
Even if requested, Claireheath cannot, and does not, make any representation that the independent tests will result in software or hardware that is suitable and fit for purpose for the recipient because it cannot control the quality or fitness for purpose of another manufacturer’s product.

4. All advice provided by Claireheath is general in nature and does not take into account your personal or corporate circumstances. We base our advice on our experience using the hardware and software and/or our own independent research and tests. There may be alternate solutions that we have not considered that may produce a better outcome for the recipient. We recommend you conduct your own independent assessment to confirm that our advice satisfies your functional and performance requirements, as well as your commercial objectives.

5. The payment of a Claireheath invoice signifies customer acceptance of the delivery and that the goods and services on that invoice are of a standard and quality acceptable to the customer.